Along the Dnipro up to the mouth of the Dnister and Danube

Along the Dnipro up to the mouth of the Dnister and Danube

(Exploring the Ukrainian Cossaks Sites. Taras Shevchenko and Eastern Ukrainian cities)

10- day programme

Day 1
Acquaintance with the capital of Ukraine. A bus and walking tour around the city, visiting Podol. Andiyiskyi Uzviz, the remnants of the princely town by the masterpiece of Baroque architechtire – Andriivska schurch, St. Michael church with golden cupolas, Volodymyr hill and one of the oldest churches of Ukraine – St Sophia church. There is an option to take a boat(ship) trip along the Dnipro river.

Day 2
You’ll visit the world famous sacral ensemble of Kievo-Pecherska Lavra. Also in one of the corpuses of the monastery there is located the museum of historic treasures of Ukraine, where you can see a lot of precious archaeological findings from various places of Ukraine of various epochs. After lunch – free time.

Day 3
A town-museum Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky welcomes you. One of the oldest towns of Ukraine offers its guests lots of interesting to see. After the acquaintance with the town you’ll visit the museum of Cossack valour and rural architecture and lifestyle, where you can observe the development of construction technologies from ancient times on the territory of Ukraine. Further on you move to the right bank of the Dnipro river to the town of Kaniv, which is known among Ukrainians all over the world. There you’ll visit the Chernecha Hora and the entombment of T.Shevchenko. Transfer to Cherkasy, a tour around the city.

Day 4
This day is fully dedicated to Cossack history. You’ll visit the towns, which there the centres of Cossacks during the Bogdan Khmelnitsky’s times. Chygyryn which is known from the 1st half of 16 century as fortified Cossacks winter centre and later on as a capital of Cossack leaders. Subotiv- family property of B.Khmelnytsky. Interesting sites: Illinska Church ( 1657), the burial chapel of the hetman ( leader of the Cossacks) and the castle with the remnants of the fortress and Bogdan’s palace. A night in Dnipropetrovsk.

Day 5
Today you’ll get to know two cities-millionaires and industrial centres of modern Ukraine. After lunch- excursion around Dnepropetrovsk. Transfer to Zaporizhzhya. Short tour around the city, the most famous enterprise – Dniproges. Main Cossacks residence on the Dnipro – Khortytsya isle. First visiting the museum of Cossacks history and reconstructed Zaporizhzhya Sitch, and later on the Cossacks will invite you for a short performance and for tasting Cossack food – kulish at their residence.

Day 6
Your route runs along the Dnipro up to the port town which is situated in its mouth. Kherson is important river port with access to the Black Sea. Here the fishermen will invite you for reception. A boat trip along the Dnipro and feast in fishermen village.

Day 7
Transfer to Odessa – the pearl of the Black Sea. After lunch- free time. Also you’ll be able to visit Odessa Opera House.

Day 8
Acquaintance with Odessa in the morning. Bus and walking tour around the city. After lunch- visiting Odessa catacombs or one of the museums ( optional).

Day 9
The most northern place of your tour – a town of Vylkove, which is also known as Ukrainian Venice which lies in the mouth of the Danube. Here you’ll see the city on water, which you can also observe from water. There’ll be a boat tour around Vylkove. After that transfer to Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi.

Day 10
Today the Dnister awaits you. You’ll visit the town which lies in the mouth of the Dnister – Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi with the remnants of the antique city of Tira, with the legendary fortress and other interesting monuments.
Return to Odessa. Departure.