Castles of Western Ukraine

Castles of Western Ukraine

(palaces and castles in Lviv, Ternopil, Zakarpattya and Podil regions)

Day 1
You start with the most western point of Ukraine – Zakarpattya or Transcarpathia. City tour of Uzhhorod visiting the local castle… Optional – visit to the Museum of Folk Architecture. Afterwards exploring another castle in the neighborhood in the village of Nevytske.

Day 2
You set off early in the morning to visit 3 castles today: the remains of Serednyanskyy castle history of which is connected with the mysterious order of the Knights Templars, the Palanok castle in the town of Mukachevo, which was recently restored and so far is the best preserved in the area. After exploring the third palace on our route today the palace of count Schonburn from the 16th cent. we head off for Lviv.

Day 3
Guided sightseeing tour of the city takes you to the High Castle Hill to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city, then you continue in the main square, the Rynok (Market) square with Renaissance facades from the 16th c., Town Hall building, fountains, the late 16th c. Ukrainian orthodox church, the largely Gothic Roman-Catholic cathedral, the ancient Armenian cathedral with parts dating back to the 14th cent. In the noon outside city tour to the town of Zhovkva which is a beautiful Renaissance town where you visit the remains of the castle, St. Laurence cathedral, Nativity church, the Synagogue, unique of its kind, the castle with its fortifications. After exploring Zhovkva we take you just for a short visit to the Krekhiv monastery located in the forest far away from the city life… miraculous icons, a beautiful wooden church, a spring with holy water… Overnight in Lviv.

Day 4
After breakfast you set off to explore the three castles located in Lviv province: Olesko castle from the 15th cent., which is part of Lviv Art Gallery, Pidhirsti palace from the 17th cent. (when Louver was being built, they used Pidhirtsi palace as a model) and finally Zolochiv castle with its most unique Chinese palace. Overnight in the town of Ternopil.

Day 5
Today we are taking you to the castles of Ternopil region, namely the castle in the town of Zbarazh quite well preserved including the castle treasury. Then you make a stop in the old Kyivan Rus” town of Terebovlya. There used to be a well-fortified castle in there, a few churches like St. Nicholas” from the 16th cent., the Carmelites monastery from the 17th cent. well-fortified as well. Afterwards you visit a town of Chortkiv with its castle from the 16-17th cent., the local bazaar and shopping place started in the 19th cent., Dominican church, the synagogue… Overnight in Kamyanets-Podilskyy.

Day 6
In the morning – a city tour of Kamyanets-Podilskyy also know as “a town built of stone”. We take you to a perfectly preserved feudal fortress from 11-16th cc., a monument of military architecture consisting of towers, a Turkish Castle Bridge and medieval fortification structures, Dominican church, St. Peter and Paul”s cathedral, Rynok (Market) square… Afterwards you head off for Khotyn, a fort structure where many battles were fought under its walls. It was here that in 1621 a united squadron of Slavs defeated the Turkish army of 150,000 soldiers. The Ukrainian Cossack army of 40,000 fighters led by leader (hetman) Petro Sahaydachnyy played a decisive part in the victory.

Day 7
On the way back to Halychyna we will stop in small towns which used to be famous for their castles or palaces but are not any more as they all are in disrepair. Like the town of Buchach is famous for its town hall considered to be the most beautiful baroque construction of the kind in Ukraine. It was constructed by Bernard Meretyn and Johann Pinzel, who was the best to create baroque sculpture in Europe at the time. Then we visit Pidhaytsi where they have the remains of the castle of Chortiryysky family. The oldest construction in town is the synagogue going back to the 16th cent. Also there are the remains of the former Roman-catholic church there built in 1634. En route we stopover in Berezhany. Another castle used to be here constructed by the family of Senyavsky in the 16-18th cent., Holy Trinity church from 1554 where the family was buried in the crypt… The last castle on schedule is Svirzh castle which still captures tourists with its magnificent looks… Overnight in Lviv.

Day 8
Departure for homeland.