Extreme travel

For the extreem trip it is better to have an experience how to partake in the hikes. Nonetheless, demanded for sure are: good phisical state, firm attitude to the hard tests, nonconflict character and profound wish to pass a rout. All of participants live and eat in the field-conditions. Be ready to participate in all the works in the travel-camp (beginning with tent-tasks and finishing with fire services). Instructors have a responsibility to provide and change a rout-way according the safety of participants.

Dual Cheremosh shaftsvoda

If you wish to see by your own eyes a wild mountains rivers – lets go with us in rout by the rivers of Black and White Cheremosh.

By the Carpathian “two-thousands”dvotys

This rout leads you through the most higher mountain range of Ukrainian Carpathians, across the territory of the colorful national preserves – Chornogora and Blyznyky, through the basins of thge biggest Carpathians rivers – Prut, Black Cheremosh and Black Tysa. This is a sport rout – exclusively for people who are firm by spirit and without the time limitations. Durint the 10 days with this trip we will discover approximatelly 180 km. 0f Ukrainian two-thousands.

„The ring”(with the overnight stop underground)kilze

It is a fact that Ternopil region has an underground beauties, one of which is a largest gypsum cave in the world. Choosing this sort of rest, you could have a sensation of life underground. Because of the cave is not a stright line, but is labyrinth 212 km of meander streets, we could pass it for minutes. The time for travel is pleasant in summer and in winter as well, while the temperature in cave is constantly 8-10°C with the moisture 100%. Rout has three days.

Test to live outsurvival

Three days of cave rout. Come back to our childhood and remind how do we liked to dirty our closes, to grovel by our knees. On our ways we will see two underground camps, set up by the work-scientific’ expeditions, where they uzually stay during a week. Your attention there you will pay on the crystal snow under the feet, hall “Kilimandjaro” – crystals like an orange corals. Walking up to the last point of a rout, we will come into the hall with needle crystals, blooming out in the glimming light of our flashlights.

Carpathian bysicle’ archkompas

In the bysicle-trip (including the pathes and impassibillity) one could not omit an extreme situations and hard sudden stories as well. Nonetheless there are a constant test for person – how to pass an exam of life to be brave, self-control, power of will and physical hardening. During the way of rout you will have to pas a steep turns, places with a hard ascents and slopes, fordable shallows of the mud rivers and other natural obstacles for 650 km. This large arch embraces all the Carpathian regions. During this bisycle travel, starting in Lviv, we will visit Boykiv towns Sambir and Turka, Transcarpathian passes Uzhok and Uklin to the pearl of our mountains – “Carpathian eye” – Synevyr lake. There we will see one in the Europe museum of timber (wood) floating. Than through the pass Pryslop and former German colonies we will reach the Ukrainian-Romania border. Along the Tysa river, nearby the geographic senter of Europe, we will visit a high mountain town Rakhiv. Than across the Yablunytsya pass we could reach the Gutsul town Yaremche. Finally, to crown our trip – we arrive to Ivano-Frankivsk – the capital of Carpathian area. In details about the bisycle-travels >>.