Lviv city tour

Around Lviv – a 3-hour bus tour around Lviv’s most interesting sites. The guide will tell you about the city’s past and present life, about famous people who lived in Lviv and created its history and culture. You’ll see the city from different sides, not only visiting the historic centre of Lviv but its suburbs.There will be a chance to observe a beautiful panorama of Lviv from its highest point.

Old City – a 3-hour walking tour around Lviv’s old city centre , with its unique architectural ensemble of 14-19th c. where every house and stone has a story to tell. The guide will draw your attention to the most interesting sites and will tell you exciting facts about Lviv’s main square, its history and people who contributed to the city’s development.

Ivan Franko’s life paths in Lviv


Ivan Franko – renowned Ukrainian poet, writer, scholar, publisher, translator and public figure who lived and worked in Lviv at the end of 19th c. Speaking of Lviv as a cultural centre we would first of all speak of Ivan Franko. It is here where he lived, worked, walked, dreamt and drank coffee in his favourite cafes. We will visit Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko, his Memorial Museum, and Lychakiv cemetery where the great man is buried.

Princely Lviv


A tour around the oldest part of the city called ‘Pidzamche’ (‘foothill of the Castle Hill’). The city of Lviv founded by Galician king Danylo started there. You’ll visit the churches of St.Nicholas, St. Paraskeva , St. John the Baptist and St. Onufry dating back to14 c., which are the oldest architectural monuments of Lviv.You’ll see the remains of the king’s castle and enjoy a wonderful panorama of Lviv from The High Castle Hill – the city’s highest point.

Down the Fortification Walls arsenal

Tour around the medieval city centre highlighting the places with the remains of old ramparts as well as defensive structures such as Gunpowder Tower, City and Royal Arsenals, inaccessible walls of former Bernardine monastery etc. We’ll also visit the Armoury Museum which rates among the best museums of this kind in Eastern Europe.

Lviv of Austrian Times


Tour of the 19th c. city built under the reign of the Gabsburg dynasty. You’ll have a chance to visit the most beautiful and interesting buildings of the time: the renowned Lviv Grand Opera, a house of a former Galician Parliament (now Lviv National University), the Ossolinski Palace, Royal Casino, Art Nouveau avenues and boulevards etc.

Mysterious Rynok Square


Visit the heart of the city – it’s main square, which has been a cultural,political, economic and public centre of Lviv for centuries. This is the place where history of Lviv was made and legends arose. Strolling down the cobblestone streets where every quaint elegant mansion has its own story and uniqueness you’ll start falling in love with Lviv.

Spiritual Lviv


The city is an old religious centre with 3 main cathedrals of Ukrainian Greek-Catholics (18th c.), Roman Catholics (15th c.) and Armenians (14th c.). During the tour you’ll visit churches of various denominations: Ukrainian Orthodox, Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic and Armenian.

Lviv Monasteries


The Black Crows City!”, this is how Austrian Emperor Jozef II called Lviv at the end of 18th c. because of large numbers of monks there. Tour around Lviv monasteries of Basilian, Carmelite, Benedictine, Bernardine orders.

Jewish Heritage Tour jude

Lviv was a unique city with its 2 Jewish quarters – one in the city centre, the other one – in the outskirts. We will explore the remains of the Golden Rose synagogue, a monument to the WW II victims, a former Jewish hospital, Bed-hamidrash, the house where Sholom Aleichem lived.

Lviv National University uni

The University was founded in 1661 and is one among the oldest in Europe.It’s got long and very interesting history and is proud of its graduates who glorified the University as the center of national and world culture development. You’ll see how it progressed from the Jesuit Collegium to the Univesity, by visiting the buildings related to its history, learning interesting facts about its over 300 year activity and people who made their conribution to it.

Lviv Coffee Culture


Lviv is widely known for its coffee drinking tradition.They say that the number of monuments to the architecture equals to the number of coffee-houses in Lviv. We will visit the most popular coffee-houses of the city where you’ll sample delicious Lviv coffee and the guide will tell you interesting stories related to this drink.

Music in Lviv


Eine romantische Stadt und zauberhafte Musik – was kann verfuhrerischer sein? Uberzeugen Sie sich davon bei unserer Fuhrung zur Geschichte des Lemberger Opernhauses, der Lemberger Philharmonie und des Konservatorium. Die Oper tragt heute den Namen der bekanntesten ukrainischen Sangerin der ersten Halfte des 20. Jahrhunderts Solomija Kruschelnyzka. Wir besuchen das Museum, das dieser herausragenden Sangerin gewidmet ist. Wenn Sie Lust auf mehr bekomen haben, besuchen Sie doch einfach eine Ballett- oder Opernauffuhrung.

Ukrainian pantheonLychakiv Cemetery


Visit the most beautiful necropolis in Ukraine,which is rather a sculpture garden or a museum under open air than just a cemetery. The rich and prominent are buried there, whose families commissioned the best sculptors to create graves and chapels which are not only precious pieces of art but historic monuments. It is our pantheon where famous Ukrainians, Poles and Austrians are buried.