Rest and entertainment


Entertainment center “MI100” is located in the modern L’viv district. Diner in pub. Bolling game. Disco. Night never-to-be-forgotten. Everything is for 300 grn. UA. Ph.: (032) 244 71 96. Address: Naukova str. 7, Lviv, 79060. Entrance cards are available in Shevska, 6 – Center of tour-information. Ph: (032) 294 82 04

Elite club “Split” is located in the center of town. European and Japanese cooking. Pub-restoration for 70 persons. Band music. During the Lanch time (12.00 -16.00) you could visit club with discount – 20% for cooking gang beer. Banquets, evening parties and feasts for kids. Club works all day and night. Ph.: (032) 2422200, (032) 2422201 ; Fax: (032) 2422201 Address: Mitskevycz square 6/7, Lviv, 79000

HTOH ON LINE, Internet-cafe,
Appropriate I-net service; IP-phony ” service “; CD, internet-cards “sell & buy”; WEB-design “service”; advertisement “service”; cafe-“service”. Ph.: (032) 2949051, (0322) 781717 Address: Zelena str. 14, Lviv, 79005

Hotel, restoration, conference-hall, bath-house, playground, beach (summer), skating-rink (winter) Ph.: (032) 2290435, (067) 6767770 ; fax: (032) 2290435 Address: Stavkova str. 60, Lviv region Pustomyty area, Pustomyty, 81100

This entertainment center you could find in the reserved places of Staroselske forestry (12 km from Lviv, Bibrka direction) among the woody hills. Just 20 minutes by your car – and you are in the world of the active Carpathian rest. Your time in the “Viking bay” is a marvelous way to get a strong energy charge for people, who are tired after the working week. At the heart of the woody thicket the lake with the crystal clear water is. Time by time in the forest silence the fish could appear on the blue waves of the lake. So called “drakar” – ship of the vikings – is wait for you on the lake-beach. There is Restoration in this styled ship. Little rest-houses for 2 floors are like a fantastic pictures equipped for your pleasure. Comfortable services here are available with all the common modern conveniences plus satellite TV and separate phone line. Ph. (032) 2402024, (032) 2403428, (067) 5125555 ; fax: (032) 2402024 Address: Olga princess str. 5a/1, Lviv, 79044

Films, mainly premiere – Ukrainian, European and worldwide ones. Ph.: (032) 2975594, (032) 2975005, (032) 2975050 Address: Teatralna str. 22, Lviv, 79008

Everyone, who have been in “Kolyba” even once, wants to come back again. Calm pleasure or irrepressible joy – everything is possible for You and guests, who come with you. Ph.: (032) 2937082, (0322) 593141, (0322) 595174 Address: Burdenko str. 14, Bryukhovyczi district of Lviv, 79081

There are 20 brilliance comfortable apartments on the lake-side nearby Lviv (just 7 km). Super-class restoration for 70 persons, business centre, and parking are available all day and night. Ph.: (032) 2272597, (032) 2272727

Such a hotel-rest-countryside “Edge of forest” there are nearby Lviv (30 km) in the colorful woody places. Our guests are invited to comfortable rooms for 2 persons or apartments of super-class. Countryside “Edge of forest” could propose you a classic rest sort a “Lviv Carpathians”. You could walk across thew snowy hills in the winter and look for the mushrooms or swim in summer time. Conference-service of the European level – is one of the main directions of our development. Conference hall for 130 persons, two conference halls for 60 – 80 persons and rooms for group work are available for the work. Ph. (050) 3171246, (03263) 41658 Address: Lviv region., Peremyshliany district, Strilky village, farmstead Ripyshcze.

New-York-Street Pizza, PIZZA-NET
Trade-mark “New-York-Street Pizza” – it is a net of the pizza-shops of the “quality-fast-service”. Ph.: (032) 2978454 ; fax: (032) 2978454 Address: Stefanyk str., 4. Lviv, 79000