To the Heart of Kyivan Rus’ Principality

To the Heart of Kyivan Rus’ Principality

Day 1
Guided sightseeing tour of the city to St. Sophia cathedral – a unique piece of the Ukrainian monumental architecture and art from the 11th c., the Golden Gates (11th c.), St. Volodymyr cathedral of a great artistic value, erected in 1882 in neo-Byzantine style, St. Andrew’s Church – Rastrelli’s masterpiece from the 18th c.

Day 2
The day is spent exploring the city’s most valuable treasure – Kyiv-Cave monastery – one of the biggest orthodox monasteries worldwide, a unique architectural complex of gilded domed churches and multiple caves from the 12th c.
Visit to the Museum of Scythian Gold. Free time.

Day 3
Outside city tour to the town of Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyy, where we take you to the Museum of Folk Architecture (there they display the whole history of home construction in Ukraine from the Trypillya culture until today). Optional – visit to the Museum “Kyivan Rus” (the Museum of Architecture). Overnight in Kyiv.

Day 4
Today you keep on exploring Kyivan Rus’ monuments of architecture that are preserved on the grounds of modern Ukraine. Trip to the town of Chernihiv, one of the most ancient Kyivan Rus’ towns. Guided city tour will take you to Transfiguration cathedral, one of the oldest churches in Ukraine, started earlier than St. Sophia’s in Kyiv; St. Borys and Hlib’s cathedral that goes back to the 12th cent., built on the foundation of the 11th cent. church; St. Elias’ church from the 12th cent., built as a baptistery down St. Anthony’s caves; st. Paraskeva’s church from the 12-13th cent. constructed nearby the local market (bazaar) as St. Paraskeva is patron saint of trading.

Day 5
In the morning you set off for the trip to Lyubech. It was located on the important trading route called ‘from the Normans to the Greeks’. It is here where in 1097 the Kyivan Rus’ princes signed an agreement to stop fighting for the Kyiv throne. Also the founder of Kyiv-Cave monastery St. Anthony was born in Lyubech. When he was young he started a church in the cave on the outskirts of town. The cave is well preserved until now… Visit to the 19th cent. church, remains of the palace of Polubotky family (a family of famous Ukrainians).

Day 6
Today you will be exploring northern Ukraine, namely the town of Novhorod-Siverskyy. It is here where the oldest novel of the time called “Word about Ihor’s Army” was created. Visit to the Museum of the “Word about Ihor’s Army”, Transfiguration cathedral constructed in the 18th cent., wooden St. Nicholas’ church from 1760, Assumption church from 1671 built of stone… Dinner and overnight in Chernihiv.

Day 7
Depart for Kyiv. A short stopover in the town of Kozelets. Home departure.